Friday, January 26, 2018

Batty for you!

I used a free Halloween file from Birds's SVGs to make the front of this card - the bat background can be found here. The svg is a square originally, but I stretched it to fit the front of my card and it really didn't distort the images. The sentiment is one I created in Cricut Design Space using one of my favorite free fonts, Milkshake, from I went with eye-popping pink and purple for a fun Valentine's color scheme.

Speaking of eye-popping, you know that heart-eye emoji that is so popular on social media to express our love of whatever we're looking at? I totally used that idea when creating the inside of the card. 

I never got around to making the awesome Bat Pop-Out card from Bird's SVGs Creak 'n' Shriek collection last Halloween and was just looking for a reason. I'm also a fan of silly puns, so I thought this was a good one to use for Valentine's Day.  

I used some clear Wink of Stella on the wing 'ribs' to add a little contrast and shine. The teeth are cut from white glitter cardstock and really sparkle. I even painted Ms. Batty's toenails bright red with some Nuvo Drops so she's well manicured for the holiday.  

I love the surprise of opening a Valentine's Day card to find a silly bat making heart eyes at you!

Other sentiments that might be fun with this one include:

- Love you the moon and bat
- You drive me batty
- I want to have your rabies!
- I bat you don't know...
- Love bites

And while I was making the bat, I was thinking about the Shark Pop-Out card from the equally fun Jawsome collection, also from Bird's SVGs.  

You could add heart eyes to him too or maybe some sparkly red lipstick to make it a she-shark! Here's a few sentiment ideas for that too:

- You're a fin-tastic Valentine
- Love bites
- You're so cute I could just gobble you up

Thanks for stopping by to check out my batty Valentine's card. I'd love to hear what you think!


  1. The purple glitter you used on Ms.Batty is just devine, I want to cover my whole house in it! Her glitter heart eyes and little shiney red nails are just perfect! I can totally see the shark version with the glittery red lips to match the hearts in the eyes, it's so funny and I love it! Thanks for your lighthearted Valentine's day ideas :)

  2. Oh your so clever! Great idea giving Ms. Batty those Red toenails and heart eyes. Yes, what a cute surprise when they open the card to see Ms. Batty all decked out in all her glory. Super cute and fun card. Great job again!

  3. I just love this card. What a great variation for Valentine's Day. Wonderful.