Wednesday, January 20, 2016


As part of my 2015 SVGCuts Spring Challenge entry, I made this ladybug out of the owl from the Enchanted Autumn kit by SVGCuts.  I'm a big fan of ladybugs and just HAD to have a 3D paper version for myself.  

Ultimately I just modified some of the panels on the head and body to eliminate the 'feather' cutouts and add some dots to my bug. Had I been really ambitious, I might have added wings, but I was really pressed for time!

The antenna cutouts came from the Peace On Earth card from the Joyful Christmas Cards kit, also from SVGCuts. It's actually the the swirly foliage on the dove piece but snipped, duplicated, reversed and ultimately welded together.  

I think she's the perfect addition to my Valentine's decor as a little lovebug.  It would be cute to create this using hearts instead of dots on the wings too.  So many possibilities!

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