Saturday, December 26, 2015

3D Christmas Village

Here's a quick peak at the growing Christmas village I've been building using many different kits.  I built some of these last year and just got around to embellishing them this year. Others were built over the past few months and are still works in progress.  Most of them sit on a black bookshelf, so the photos aren't the greatest. 

I have so much fun picking out the papers and thinking of ways to make these unique.  And the more I look at the same kits done by others, I get even more wonderful ideas and inspiration.  

I hope you enjoy this photo gallery of Christmas Cove, a coastal village of my own imagination which is a very merry place to live!


I added some icicles to "Flurry Chapel," aka the Silent Night church.


Got bling? I went a little crazy adding sparkle and shine to this gingerbread house from the Happy Holidays kit.

This is the 3D Snowy House from the Winter's Chill kit.  I added a 1" miniaturized wreath from the Silent Night kit. Thank goodness for fork bows, because there was no other way I would have been able to tie one that small! I also added some coach lights from the Enchanted Autumn Pumpkin Carriage. 

I used one of the snowflakes from the Winter Gazebo kit and fashioned a weathervane of sorts to go on top of the gazebo. The pine garland is Pine Twine from Tim Holtz. I keep meaning to add some shadow figures to this so they show through when it's lit up. Maybe next year!  

This is Maple Manor all decked out for Christmas. I added a widow's walk to the top as I grew up in New England and remember seeing so many beautiful historic homes along the coast with them on the roof.  I added some sidelights around the front door and made a wreath from Tim Holtz Boxwood twine and jingle brads.  I never got around to adding a fence and some other details to this project, so I guess I'll be decking this one out next year as well.

Last but certainly not least, here's Candy Cane light (from the Seaside kit) along with the Christmas Tree from Santa's Surprises. So much more I want to do to further embellish these too, all I need is time!

Thanks for joining me on this short tour through Christmas Cove.  Happy Holidays!

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