Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Boho Butterflies Box Card

As I'm in need of a birthday card for a family member who is an avid gardener and lover of all creatures, great and small, I figured the new Boho Butterflies Box Card from would be just perfect.

I had so much fun planning this out. I don't always remember to take pictures when I'm in the middle of crafting, but I was so tickled to find some Tim Holtz butterfly paper in my stash that I had to take pictures of it before I covered up most of it with the colorful butterflies:

Also, while in the midst of bringing the butterflies to life, I remembered that I have a few rubber stamp sets of butterflies and used a few of those to stamp patterns onto these lovely creatures.  I LOVE how they came out. I'll remember that for next time. I think patterned paper would be gorgeous too!  I also added some white dots with a white gel pen as I see that on a lot of butterfly pictures online.

And one last thing, I stapled some elastic to the opposite corners as shown in Steven Franco's video and then covered up the staples with the side panels that have the little brad on them.  This is the perfect way to present these cards to recipients who may not understand what a box card is and how it's supposed to open up.  

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