Sunday, August 7, 2016

Creative Chemistry 103 - Day 2 - Paints, Sprays & Stains

I managed to tackle three of the Creative Chemistry Day 2 techniques.

1.  Paint Resist - I started thinking about a Fall color scheme after my ombr√© homework, so I went with some of those colors here - twisted citron, carved pumpkin and walnut stain. I love how this makes the paint pop.

2.  Stain Rub Resist - I may have gotten a little carried away with the rubs, but it sure was fun!!  I couldn't really decide what to stamp here, so I'm waiting for inspiration to strike.

3.  Luminous Mica - I think this was my favorite of the techniques I did for Day 2 so far. I used a lot of different colors in the background and really love how it turned out. The addition of the mica spray put it over the top for me. I love the luminous glow that the mica adds. See below for some closeups. 

I love the little spatters/globs of mica spray towards the bottom of the tag:

And then the fine mist that landed towards the top of the tag...this part just glows when the light hits it. Heavenly! I have a feeling I'm going to pulling out the mica spray A LOT in the days to come. 

I hope to circle back to the other two techniques at a later date, but wanted to post what I've done so far. Thanks for stopping by to peek at my homework!

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