Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Creative Chemistry Homework - Week6 - Layering Stencils

I don't think to use my stencils as often as often as I should, so I had fun playing around with them this week.

I tried several techniques as shown below, but my favorite turned out to be this mixed media, paint resist holiday print!  I also used the spatter brush to add a little picket fence snow over top when all was said and done.

I kept some of the techniques and colors close to the same as Tim just to make it easy on myself and not spend too much time fussing over colors and patterns.

The rest of my homework included from left to right:

Mixed Media, Embossing Through, Ink Monoprint, not even sure on this one - was making it up as I went along, and Mixed Media/paint resist again.

I really need to start doing this more often and using the resulting backgrounds on cards and the SVG projects I build.

Thanks for stopping in to check my homework!

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